Massage in the Workplace

"You cannot mandate productivity; You must provide the tools to let people become their BEST" -Steve Jobs

Manage your work life balance intentionally. VOLÉ provides on site chair massages for your company.

History has proven that a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected. 

VOLÉ Massage Company LLC strives to make the difference in that extra 'Thank You' that your employees deserve for the work that they submit day in and day out to support the vision, mission, and success of your company. Let us know when we can help you to express gratitude for your team.

On Site Massage

VOLÉ understands the importance of diversity within your company and strives to express that one thing that benefits the individual of every walk of life and of any job title for business. That one thing is PEACE. When a company makes the decision to display their concern for their employees' well-being it propels commitment to a new level allowing production to flow easily with increased intention. Our skilled Therapists have the hands/resources to melt away the mental barriers that prevent your team from performing at their best. Invite us to your boardroom, breakroom, seasonal conference, or the next company Health and Wellness/Safety event to explore and receive the multiple benefits of our 

Executive Touch through Chair Massage.

Corporate Packages

Schedule your consultation today and lets us transform your corporate environment into an environment that promotes relaxation, restoration, and redirection for a heightened awareness of employee morale. Consultations include an extended presentation of our Executive Touch service, complimentary chair massages for your department leads or executive team ( up to 7 persons ), and 10 discounted certificates for services with VOLÉ. 

Purchase the package that best serves your company on the day of our consultation and receive a 

5% Booking Discount for the package.

  • 5 hours       $175   ( 1 visit )
  • 8 hours       $250  ( 1 or 2 visits )
  • 12 hours     $385  ( 2 or 3 visits )
  • 18 hours     $575  ( 3 or 4 visits )
  • 24 hours    $770  ( 3 or 4 visits )