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My Personal Story


Peace and Blessings .  

I want to thank you in advance for your support and your time to hear more about my hope to raise funds for the 

2019 Projects of Hope Mission Trip for Kenya. 

It is my hope that this letter reaches you during a sound state of mind and well condition of health. I am Sharneé N. Pierre of Durham, NC - LMBT 13106. 

In October of 2018 I traveled with the amazing team of 

Projects of Hope to complete the scheduled mission to build a 

Dairy Farm that would shelter cows. The milk produced by the cows will help to generate income for the entire school. Since completing the mission last October the two cows purchased through the funds raised for the mission have each given birth twice. 

Additionally, we completed the camp for the 5th, 6th, and 7th graders. Each day of our visit with the students we discussed Health and Wellness including moments for journaling/reflection, hosted PE sessions, worked towards our art project and the building project progressed each day with the students.

I have invited you to this webpage to humbly and formally request your support of my fundraiser. My Goal is $2000.00 to support my remaining balance and mission to serve the students Gitithia. We supply each students with materials for learning, hygiene products including  deodorant, soap, sanitation napkins, toothbrushes/toothpaste, socks, underwear, art supplies and equipment for PE classes. All amount of monetary donations are appreciated. $2.50 will serve 4 meals in Kenya. 

Your donation makes an impact.

I want to sincerely extend another thank you to for taking the time to read this letter and I ask that you please share it with someone that may be interested in supporting.

Thank you for everything that you do to make a difference in the world we share. One love.       - Sharneé N. Pierre  

(all donations are tax deductible)


Email spier487@gmail.com or call me directly at 919.423.7557 for any questions about POH or donation ideas. Donations can be made via Cash app ID: $VOLE4U or through PayPal Link: paypal.me/called2kenya

Please visit the POH website to learn more about our Mission and Vision .

Projects of Hope , LLC 

3020 S. Miami Blvd. 

Durham, NC 27703 

TAX-ID: 47-4823939

POH Website

One of the greatest things a person can do is to go into the world, touch the lives of children and impact their future” - LaShawn Thompson